Christchurch Earthquake

As you may have heard, Christchurch suffered a major earthquake yesterday afternoon New Zealand time. You may recall Christchurch also suffered a 7.1 Earthquake on Sept 4 last year. Although this earthquake was smaller in magnitude, it was centred closer to the city and relatively shallow.

Unfortunately, yesterday’s earthquake has resulted in significant loss of life and considerable damage to the city centre.

We are relieved to report that no Maxava staff were directly affected by the quake, or were in Christchurch at the time. As New Zealand is a relatively small place we all know relatives or friends in Christchurch and our thoughts are with them at this terrible time.

Maxava has a number of customers in the Christchurch area and we are currently working with them to ensure their systems are operational.

Day to day operations at Maxava are unaffected and we continue to operate as per normal.

Thank you to all who have sent emails.

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