Maxava offers free HA/DR Jargon Buster for IBM i users

Free Download Explains Common High Availability and Disaster Recovery Terms in Simple Language
for Non-technical staff and Anyone New to HA/DR Concepts

IRVINE, Calif.(Aug. 4, 2011) – Maxava, a global leader in IBM i high availability (HA) software, today announced that the company is offering a free “Jargon Buster” download that clearly defines terms and context relating to IBM i HA and disaster recovery (DR) scenarios. The Jargon Buster is available immediately from the Maxava website and is primarily designed to assist technical professionals to communicate HA and DR options more effectively to senior management.

The goal behind the download is to provide an easy-to-use tool to help simplify the discussions companies need to have about their HA/DR requirements for their IBM i environments. By explaining technical terms in simple language, Maxava’s Jargon Buster can help an organization’s management quickly gain a greater understanding of the important factors relating to IBM i availability in their enterprise and what is required to protect it.

“Every segment in high technology has its own language and once you understand what someone is talking about, it’s that much easier to understand the problem you’re trying to solve,” said Peter Kania, Technical Manager, Maxava. “Our Jargon Buster takes the mystery out of terms like Remote Journaling and LPAR. We believe that both technical staff that are new to HA/DR and those in general management roles will find it useful when considering their availability options.”

To download a free copy of the Maxava IBM i Jargon Buster, go to

Maxava’s comprehensive product line includes Maxava HA™ Enterprise+, Maxava HA™ SMB, and Maxava HA™ Data Stream. The Maxava HA Suite provides real time replication for IBM i – delivering enterprise strength disaster recovery.

About Maxava
Maxava is a worldwide provider of innovative high availability and disaster recovery software solutions for IBM i systems. Customers have been using Maxava HA software for over a decade to ensure business continuity, reduce risk and meet regulatory requirements. Maxava’s software ensures business resilience for a cross section of the world’s most demanding IBM i customers through SaaS, cloud, subscription and traditional licensed software models. Maxava has staff and customers located worldwide.

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