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Maxava for PowerHA

Taking High Availability to a New Level

Maxava for PowerHA is a complementary solution for users of IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for i. Where Power HA offers powerful resilience capabilities for IASP-housed objects it cannot replicate objects in the System ASP and instead provides partial coverage by way of an administrative domain function. Attributes outside of the subset list of supported attributes will need to be handled either manually or with the aid of a logical replication solution, such as Maxava for PowerHA.

PowerHA presents limitations in terms of data accessibility, confining data visibility exclusively to the node that holds ownership. Consequently, essential tasks like backups, reporting, and business intelligence are often confined to the production server, potentially leading to resource strain and necessitating downtimes.

By synergizing PowerHA with software-based tools, a new realm of possibilities is introduced. For instance, within the data center, PowerHA can be seamlessly paired with Maxava for PowerHA enabling the replication of data beyond the confines of the data center, making it possible to extend disaster recovery capabilities via a designated partition in co-location facilities or cloud environments. Added benefits via this combination include the provision data for backup, reporting, and business intelligence functions.

  • Provides Protection for the System ASP.

  • Handles Application Data for those Solutions not Supported to run in an IASP.

  • Add Additional Servers to your HA/DR Environment.

Discover how Maxava for PowerHA will benefit you

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