Maxava is a worldwide provider of innovative Monitoring, High Availability and Disaster Recovery solutions

Maxava’s software and services are available from a global network of partners and are integral to the cloud offerings of leading Managed Service Providers and Cloud Service Providers. Maxava is an IBM Premier Business Partner, and Maxava software is available via SaaS, cloud (DRaaS – Disaster Recovery as a Service and MaaS – Monitoring as a Service), subscription and on-premise software licensing models. Today, Maxava serves more than 500 customers in over 40 countries, providing 24x7x365 support directly through regional offices located in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.


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Maxava HA Suite provides real-time replication with unlimited concurrent apply processes and constant data checking to ensure your data is consistent across both your primary and backup servers. With traditional license and cloud-based options.

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Maxava CPR is the first solution of its kind, serving as a “recycle bin” from which to recover previous versions of your IBM i data. Configured files are captured right up to the last transactions, ready to be immediately restored.

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Monitor Mi8 is an intelligent monitoring solution for your systems. As a cloud-native and mobile solution, Mi8 delivers up-to-date system information wherever you are, however you need it and on the device you choose.

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Security Mi7 Cloud-based architecture provides compliance and event-based reporting and auditing to ensure your systems retain the right level of protection. Mi7 simplifies the process of adhering to your corporate and industry security standards.


“When disaster struck Christchurch, Noel Leeming was prepared with Maxava HA software.”

Mike White
System i Technical Specialist, Noel Leeming Group


IBM i Disaster recovery and Business Continuity solutions


Are you a large enterprise that needs disaster recovery for IBM i (also known as AS400, iSeries or System i), for your own production and backup servers, or a small and medium business looking for a solution that is more scalable and flexible? No matter your size or complexity, Maxava has a solution to suit you.

IBM i Cloud Services


Maxava offers a full array of cloud services, moving disaster recovery for IBM i to a whole new level. Find out more about Maxava’s cloud options (Maxava DRaaS and Maxava DRaaS-RTV), designed to give you the best business continuity solution, regardless of scale or budget.

Maxava Customer Case Studies


Maxava has helped businesses requiring disaster recovery for IBM i, in more than 40 countries and over 2000 installations, to secure their data and minimize their downtime. Take a look at the case studies and find out what our customers have to say about Maxava’s products and services.