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Maxava solutions get you access to IBM i Disaster Recovery experts before, during, and after an outage. Our solutions range from software, to managed services, to full turnkey DRaaS solutions - regardless of your location, schedule or budget.

Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership
for Disaster Recovery Starting Day 1!

As global economies struggle with the pandemic, now is the time to revisit several lessons learned from the previous financial crisis. Maxava presents an IBM TechU educational session which reviews the long-term cost implications of four major areas related to disaster recovery that are again highlighted by the pandemic:

  • Business Interruption

  • Revenue Disruptions

  • Recessionary Spending

  • Insurance Considerations

Maxava also presents practical real-world solutions for each consideration that can reduce total cost of ownership in DR solutions on day 1 with the intent of helping IBM i customers future-proof their IBM investments for the next 10 years.



Maxava products deliver the needs of today’s businesses by providing practical protection against the lost revenue, legal risk and brand damage triggered by unplanned downtime and business interruptions.


To be effective, Disaster Recovery environments must always be "role-swap ready" for a system outage or interruption.

maxAssured services, deliver ongoing remote monitoring and management of systems, providing the confidence and expertise to ensure customers are ready and equipped to deal with a disaster.


When customers need a turnkey solution for Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) we offer Maxava HostedDR – a unique combination of DR-specific hardware, software and services provided by certified Maxava OEM partners. This solution is perfect for clients who do not want to invest in refreshing or acquiring backup Hardware, Storage or Data Center costs. Special options allow for live migrations to new Power Systems without the risk and cost of activity interruption.


The CloudHA model is available to Maxava OEM partners who provide infrastructure for Production workloads bundled with Disaster Recovery as a Service. Maxava supplies all of the software (and services if necessary) to help certified partners onboard premise-based customers without the risk and cost of activity interruption. The solution helps partners manage replication and failover from source to target in any configuration from a central point via a single SLA.

Maxava FMDR

Maxava Fully Managed Disaster Recovery (FMDR) provides partners with all the components necessary to manage every aspect of IBM i DR.  This extends all the way from initial planning, through implementation, ongoing monitoring, virtual and real role swap testing, to 24 x 7 crisis support in a disaster.


Check our customer success stories

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