Whether you are looking to reduce your current Assure MIMIX HA   maintenance overhead, consolidate multiple vendors down to the industry expert, or future proof the management of your legacy operations for the next decade – Maxava is here to help.



What is the offer?

For less than the price of your existing IBM i Enterprise HA annual software costs, customers can trade up to the Maxava Enterprise Bundle. The Maxava Enterprise bundle includes enhanced HA for improved performance, with comprehensive replication and failover benefits, plus advanced Mi8 Monitoring, and CPR, Maxava's immediate file recovery software on your Backup partition. This is a comprehensive, premium software bundle not available from any other IBM i HA vendor.

Instant Estimates are provided based on list annual software subscription prices and include Maxava HA Enterprise+ on both Target and Backup partitions plus Maxava CPR & Mi8 on the Backup partition.

For current, qualifying, IBM i HA Enterprise software customers, if our online estimate does not provide you with the service, savings and flexibility to meet your current issues/situations please contact us.

Contact us for a list of qualifying enterprise level, IBM i HA software solutions.



What configurations are supported?

Maxava supports multiple IBM i systems configurations including: On-premises, Co-location, Hybrid Cloud, Fully Hosted Cloud.



How quickly can I have it running?

With efficient system access provided, Maxava can typically replace your current IBM i Enterprise HA configuration within 20 days.


Can I get an estimate now?

Use the Instant Estimate online tool to get an immediate idea of your new annual HA costs.



Can I get a full proposal?

Maxava can provide you and your preferred IBM business partner with a best-price proposal which outlines your new comprehensive solution bundle.


Discover how Maxava HA Suite can help your organization

Request a LIVE demo to provide you with an excellent appreciation of how Maxava can help meet your HA/DR business and operational requirements.