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Maxava products deliver the needs of today’s businesses by providing practical protection against the lost revenue, legal risk and brand damage triggered by unplanned downtime and business interruptions.

Maxava HA Enterprise+

Maxava HA Enterprise+ offers comprehensive High Availability and Disaster Recovery readiness for an IBM i application. Designed for complex environments and organizations serious about their business continuity.

Maxava SMB

Maxava HA SMB provides cost-effective High Availability to protect your IBM i business critical applications, data, objects and IFS replication and introduces role swap support.

Maxava CPR

Concerned about the corruption of your critical IBM i data? Implement Maxava’s archiving solution, Maxava CPR™ to provide an added layer of security with point-in-time protection and recoverability.

Monitor Mi8

Monitor Mi8 is an intelligent monitoring solution for your IBM Power Systems, Windows, and Linux. It delivers up-to-date system information wherever you are, however you want it and on the device you choose.

Security Mi7

Security Mi7 presents users with easy centralized management across multiple systems so that partners and customers can work together in real-time to solve security issues without the hassle of authentication and access delays at the system level.

Monitor Mi8 & CPR

Combining Maxava Mi8 with Capture Point Restore provides end-to-end visibility and protection of your IBM i operating system, hardware and application data.

Maxava Migrate LIVE™

Minimize downtime during migration using our service, Maxava Migrate LIVE™. Discover how Migrate Live™ will benefit your organization.

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