Maxava products deliver the needs of today’s businesses by providing practical protection against the lost revenue, legal risk and brand damage triggered by unplanned downtime and business interruptions.


The Modern Approach to Multiplatform Monitoring

Modern support teams must deal with a spiraling number of servers and an increasing mix of platforms along with handling hybrid cloud architecture while managing legacy applications. What was once a suitable monitoring solution, may not be the best choice for you today. Join Maxava’s Ash Giddings (Product Manager) and Martin Norman (Strategic Partner Development Manager) on November 2nd where they’ll share the Maxava Mi8 solution, designed for the challenges that support teams face.


Using the Cloud for IBM i Disaster Recovery

Utilizing the cloud for IBM i disaster recovery is high on the agenda for many organizations, but what makes the cloud such a compelling choice? Join Ash Giddings (Maxava Product Manager) and Tonny Bastiaans (IBM Worldwide Offering Manager IBM Power Systems Virtual Server (PowerVS)) Whether you’re looking to implement IBM i disaster recovery from scratch or to modernise an existing strategy you will discover why the cloud is a valid option to build a tailor-made solution for an affordable price.


Migrations Made Easy

With Power10 now available, the cloud increasingly popular in the IBM i space and MSPs running their own Power cloud, when it comes to upgrading your current IBM Power hardware you have a difficult choice to make. This decision can also be fuelled by the challenges presented by staffing shortages, the ongoing pandemic and even supply chain issues. Maxava can help you to navigate this minefield along with lowering the cost of your existing HA/DR maintenance and modernizing your existing toolset.


How to run IBM i Enterprise Workloads in the Cloud

Many businesses are now considering the cloud as an alternative for their IBM i enterprise applications and workloads. But what are the options, and where does IBM’s Power Virtual Server fit in? Watch Ash Giddings (Maxava Product Manager) and Tonny Bastiaans (IBM Worldwide Offering Manager IBM Power Systems Virtual Server (PowerVS)) where they will provide a technical appreciation of Power Virtual Server coupled with how best to navigate the path to the cloud.

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Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership for Disaster Recovery Starting Day 1!

This session reviews the cost and technical advantages of switching to Maxava HA software. It also covers unique Monitoring and “on the fly” roll back software (Maxava CPR) that is included in the Maxava Enterprise Bundle. View now to find out what Maxava can do for you and done for those top IBM i users that have switched to Maxava across the US and globally.

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