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Monitor Mi8 is an intelligent solution built for multiplatform, local and remote monitoring. Mi8 Cloud-based architecture enables you to monitor local and remote systems for current and potential issues. Monitored alerts are delivered to the expert you choose, via your platform of choice, with the capability to allow for immediate remedial action if necessary.

Intelligent solution built for Multi-platform, “single pane of glass” for IBM i, Windows, Linux, and AIX

In-house, remote management, co-lo, and MSP monitoring is supported

Advanced “Filter, Group & Display” (FGD) technology allows you to choose who sees what

FGD by business entity, location, systems type, operational area, platform, etc

Comprehensive monitoring capability for Applications, OS, Hardware, HA, etc

“Alert and Response” via multiple device types

Monitor Mi8’s rapid configuration, low-cost deployment, and monthly payment terms deliver immediate and affordable visibility of your system's availability and performance.

Maximize Your Systems Availability with Monitor Mi8


See all your critical system, application and availability notifications on a single pane of glass, no matter where those workloads are processed: in the cloud, at a co-location or on-premise.


Be informed in real-time as issues arise so you can rapidly identify the root cause of the problem and rapidly resolve it.


Customizable real-time alerts identify the problems that matter to you so you can resolve issues before they have a major impact on your business.

Right Information to the Right People

Monitor Mi8 can enable you or your 3rd party partners to seamlessly manage your application and hardware messages.

Make Better

Take advantage of performance and availability data to make informed decisions to right-size the support required for your IT infrastructure.

Discover how Monitor Mi8 can help your organization

Request a LIVE demo to provide you with an excellent appreciation of how Maxava can help meet your monitoring requirements.

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