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Maxava produces the world’s premier business continuity and replication products for IBM i. Our performance levels have been proven in the toughest environments for the most demanding clients.

Not finding the answer to your questions? Feel free to let us know and we’ll add it to the FAQ Section.

What do I do when I need technical support?

Contact our friendly technical support team! Maxava offers 24/7 support to customers with a maintenance agreement in place.  If you have an urgent Maxava HA code issue call your local support number, otherwise email our team.

When you need technical support for your IBM i Maxava HA environment (not covered by Maxava Software Maintenance), Maxava Technical Services is here to help.

What documentation is provided with Maxava HA?

Maxava provides documentation covering various subjects associated with Journaling, Remote Journaling set-up and Maxava HA Install, Set-up and Running.

  • Maxava HA Install and Quick-Step Guide

  • Maxava HA Operations Guide

  • Maxava HA GUI Guide

  • Maxava HA Day-to-Day Guide


Can you use the Maxava HA Target System for Full System Backups to Tape?

Yes. If you are using Maxava HA Suite to replicate data to a target system, you can use one of the IBM System Storage Tape Drives or Libraries for the tape backup of your replicated Maxava HA data and objects. Please consult IBM to determine if the tape drive you are considering is compatible with your IBM i System configuration.

  • IBM System Storage Enterprise Tape 3592 Subsystem

  • IBM System Storage Enterprise Tape Library 3590/3494

  • IBM System Storage Enterprise Tape Library 3592/3494

  • IBM System Storage TS1120 Tape

  • IBM System Storage TS3100 Tape Library

  • IBM System Storage TS3200 Tape Library

  • IBM System Storage TS3310 Tape Library

  • IBM System Storage TS3400 Tape Library

  • IBM System Storage TS3500 Tape Library

  • IBM System Storage UltraScalable Tape Library 3584

  • IBM System Storage Ultrium Scalable Tape Library 3583

  • IBM System Storage Ultrium Tape Autoloader 3581

  • IBM System Storage Ultrium Tape Drive 3580

  • IBM System Storage Ultrium Tape Library 3582

I want to purchase a Maxava HA Enterprise license but I can't find it on your site?

Maxava HA Enterprise is a previous product from Maxava.  It is no longer available for purchase by new customers.  If you are an existing customer with Maxava HA Enterprise software you may be able to purchase additional licenses.  Please contact us for more details.

How many licenses do I need?

You will need a license for each machine running Maxava HA Enterprise+ or Maxava HA SMB – in most instances this would be 2.

Maxava HA Data Stream is a one-way data replication product and a license is only required on the target system.

When was Maxava established?

Maxava was originally founded in 2000 by four former IBM staffers.  The company identified an opportunity to develop a new family of software for the IBM i market, developing and delivering High Availability and Disaster Recovery solutions to critical infrastructure-oriented companies with large workloads and high transaction rates.

Where is your support team?

Maxava has a global 24/7 support team.  Staff are located in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, and New Zealand.

How do we become a Maxava Business Partner / Reseller?

We would love to talk to you!  Complete the application form, call your local Maxava salesperson, or visit our Partner Page for more information.

We are upgrading our P05 to a P10, how much is that going to cost?

Simple – just the difference between the product cost of a P05 to a P10.  Maxava will not charge you additional fees for upgrading.  Maintenance costs will change accordingly and if you need any technical services to assist you with your upgrade we can help with that too.  Let us know your plans and we can give you a quote on whatever your requirements may be.​

Does Maxava HA use remote journaling?

Yes, Maxava believes that remote journaling is the most efficient way for data transfer and has chosen this method for Maxava HA software.

Do you offer Before and After imaging?

Yes, Before and After image checking is a valuable feature of Maxava HA which provides significant benefits.  This allows for real-time audit checking of each record update and delete, allows for detection of data issues which in turn allows autonomic healing and in most instances does not significantly increase storage or bandwidth requirements.

You do have the choice of only using After images, but this is not recommended.

How will my system workload be affected by Maxava HA?

Maxava HA has been designed to have as small a footprint as possible on the source system.

This is achieved by undertaking as much of the required replication workload on the Back-up system.  The majority of Maxava HA core dynamic replication activity on the Source system is streamlined within what happens during the execution of the MAXSYS resident commands, rather than having to have independently running jobs. No requirement to enable and run system audit functions and jobs means there is less workload happening on the source system and no need for management software to check these jobs are running.  It also has the benefit of minimizing the number of jobs that it is necessary to stop and start during the time-critical situation of a Failover or Role Swap.

How do I monitor Maxava HA on my systems?

Maxava HA offers a GUI as the primary interface that allows the monitoring and configuration of multiple systems and configurations. There is also a Green-screen alternative referred to as the TUI.

Maxava has also created maxView, with which you can access Maxava HA and key IBM i system resource information – anywhere, anytime from a remote web device or Smartphone. Various maxView versions are provided with Maxava HA – dependent on the product chosen.

What is Simulated Role Swap (SRS)?

When you can’t afford downtime to test your DR plan, the Simulated Role Swap (SRS) is a feature of Maxava HA Enterprise+ that allows you to temporarily turn your backup system into a simulated primary system for testing, whilst the primary system remains unaffected as Live Production.

What about the Cloud?

Maxava can help you assess if the Cloud is the right choice for your HA/DR needs.  Contact us to discuss your Cloud options.

Why do customers running IBM i choose cloud DR?

  • Removes the capital cost of a second hardware server – effectively ‘leasing’ the second server

  • Introduces shared Datacenter Resources

  • Fully Managed IBM i Disaster Recovery and High Availability provided by Support Providers

  • Monthly Payment Schedule

  • SLA’s for RPO and RTO

  • Easy set-up and managed role-swaps

  • Regular role-swap testing

How long is it going to take me to manage Maxava HA?

Daily checking of your Maxava HA product should take no longer than a few minutes each day.  There is also the option of Maxava Managed Services – let us monitor your systems for you and take the responsibility away.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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