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Maxava HA is designed for complex IBM i environments and organizations, provides real-time replication, virtually unlimited concurrent apply processes, constant data checking and an easy-to-use GUI and mobile monitoring system. Maxava HA takes advantage of the latest technology and has proven itself to be extremely fast, easy to implement and uncomplicated to run.

Simulated Role Swap (SRS) enables users to test their Disaster Recovery plan without downtime during a normal working day.

Multiple Node Role Swap enables any of a multiple-node environment to become primary Source when a Role Swap is invoked.

Remote Role Swap Capability allows admins to perform a role swap (in either direction) on command from a mobile device.

Multi-threaded IFS dynamically replicates up to 255 parallel processes to enable faster processing of IFS data on backup systems.

Command Scripting Function enables pre-enabled commands to be defined and run to reduce failover and role-swap times.

Our products are cost effective and scalable providing the highest levels of usability, performance and readiness. Whether you operate a Fortune 500 enterprise or a small business, Maxava has a solution that can be tailored for your needs and protect your critical data.



Maxava HA Enterprise+ delivers the most comprehensive High Availability and Disaster Recovery readiness for IBM i applications.


Maxava HA SMB provides cost effective High Availability to protect your IBM i business critical applications and data.

Maxava for PowerHA

Maxava for PowerHA is a complementary solution for users of IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for i

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