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Maxava’s Capture Point Restore (CPR) is the first solution of its kind, serving as a “recycle bin” from which to recover previous versions of your IBM i data. Configured files are captured before unexpected purging, right up to the last transaction, ready to restore if recovery is required. Immediately recover data after unintended deletion, or corruption, with point-in-time recoverability.

Restore accidental deletes, immediately

Rollback and recover from corrupted files, immediately

Rollback/forward data files

Event-triggered archiving gives you peace of mind

True Point-in-time recovery

Archiving to IBM i and non-IBM i, local, remote and cloud storage supported

Protect critical data from corruption with point-in-time recoverability so you don’t need to worry about unplanned IBM i data loss caused by poorly executed business processes and unintentional circumstances.

Implement Maxava CPR,

The Archiving Solution for your IBM i

Trigger Capture Point

Take secure snapshots of critical data in real-time immediately prior to major data changes on your system. Schedule regular snapshots and include CPR tasks as part of your application’s processes.

Snapshot Retention

Determine how many snapshots to keep and for how long you want them retained. Use Maxava CPR’s options to manage data retention.

Recovery Option

Maxava CPR allows you to carefully reintroduce recovered data back into production. Recover and analyze key data without interrupting business.

Trusted Process

Rely on proven and dependable IBM and Maxava features for the operation of Maxava CPR.

Discover how Maxava CPR can help your organization

Request a LIVE demo to provide you with an excellent appreciation of how Maxava can help meet your monitoring requirements.

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