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Quick Estimate Calculator 

Maxava Enterprise Bundle
Maxava’s Value Proposition
For P20 systems and higher, contact us for the latest pricing. 

All prices are indicative. Request a proposal for details.

Note: Based on software subscription pricing.


System 1 = Target

System 2 = Backup

Price includes Maxava Enterprise+ on System 1 and System 2, with Maxava CPR & Mi8 on the Backup Partition (System 2).

  • Reducing Legacy Software Costs: Switching to Maxava helps most organizations achieve an ROI on their existing maintenance costs in the first year - and beyond. Clear and consistent Maxava prices help control the total cost of ownership of legacy system operations for 5+ years, including future hardware changes.


  • Making Day to Day Management Easier: Maxava software makes day-to-day life easier via managed services and automated enhancements. Our clients get access to DR experts before, during, and after an outage.


  • Meeting Customer Criteria Globally: The Maxava solution has been proven globally by thousands of customers of all shapes and sizes.


  • Reputation For Success: Maxava is a brand that you can bet your reputation on. We have helped many other clients in your shoes achieve success for over 20 years.

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