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Lowering TCO for Recovery in 2021

Evaluating the Costs for Migrating to POWER10 and Beyond?

POWER10 Migration Planning

Before you shift to POWER10, Maxava can help you lower the annual costs of your recovery software by quickly replacing your legacy HA product ahead of time, helping you to:

  • Avoid pre-packaged upgrade fees

  • Avoid late cancellation penalties

  • Lessen the resources required

  • Reduce the risk and cost beyond the migration

Instead of taking a hit from your move to POWER10, come out ahead by replacing your legacy software for increased functionality, better services, and long-term price certainty.

Enhanced Maxava Features & Services:

  • IFS replication

  • Self-healing

  • Backlog alerts

  • Simulated role-swap

  • Remote monitoring

  • Accidental deletion protection

To learn more about Maxava’s parallel replacement programs contact us.

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