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The Maxava Cloud model for partners is used where partners provide a multi-tenant backup infrastructure for hosted disaster recovery. Maxava supplies all of the software – and services if necessary – to help partners manage the replication and failover process from the customer’s on-premises source to the hosted partner target.

This is the ideal solution for partners looking to remove CAPEX backup costs and convert them to fixed recurring fees. It also allows partners to provide hardware and hands-on-support in remote locations during regional outages.

• Customer owns a premised-based IBM i Production System.

• Partner (MSP) provides multi-tenant Target System.

• Pricing is calculated on the end customer’s Production System only (not the partner backup system).

• No license charge on the Partner's Backup System.

​Can be white-labelled:

  • Partner owns and contracts directly with the customer

  • Maxava costs are wrapped up in a subscription

  • Maxava pricing is based on production CPW per customer and not on the overall size of the cloud target hardware so there is no penalty of unused multi-tenant hosting partitions

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