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Maxava FMDR

Fully Managed Disaster Recovery for IBM i

Maxava Fully Managed Disaster Recovery (FMDR) provides partners with all the components necessary to manage every aspect of IBM i DR.  This extends all the way from initial planning, through implementation, ongoing monitoring, virtual and real role swap testing, to 24 x 7 crisis support in a disaster.

Maxava recognize that every partner is different and offer FMDR as a fully customizable solution giving partners the skills and bandwidth to exceed their customers’ expectations without over-extending their own resources and typically includes:

  • Maxava HA

  • Maxava Capture Point Restore

  • Maxava Mi8 Monitor

  • Training

  • Ongoing Monitoring

The fully managed nature of the solution allows partners to package and sell FMDR as part of their own broader service offerings.

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