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Migrating to new IBM i hardware?

Minimize downtime during migration with Maxava’s Migrate Live™ service.

Maxava’s Migrate Live™ service supports customers when they need to upgrade their IBM i environment or migrate to a new system – but don’t want the problem of managing downtime or causing disruption to normal business operations.

Maxava’s Migrate Live™ service simplifies the issues associated with operating system (O/S) and hardware upgrades and system migrations by using the Maxava HA Suite. Maxava’s replication technologies are a quick and dependable way to enable production data to be copied to a new system and keep it synchronized in real-time.

The Migrate Live™ service ensures the integrity of the data being migrated and reduces the risk to the business by enabling the source and target systems to be run in parallel. This allows data to be fully verified, audits and tests completed before the final cut over – all of which can be done in a fraction of the time it would normally take IT staff.

Maxava has a proven track record in assisting organizations with their migration needs and the Migrate Live™ service removes the uncertainty of restoring from tape and the bother of scheduling migration windows. Our team of skilled technical specialists brings an extensive knowledge and practical experience in facilitating system migration projects from the planning, through to installing and activating replication, and assisting during the actual migration process.

Discover how Migrate Live™ will benefit you. Click here to send us your details and a Maxava specialist will be in contact with you.

Discover how Migrate Live™ will benefit you

Minimize downtime during migration using our service,


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