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Maxava iFoundation invites IBM i User Community to apply for 2017/18 funding

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Philadelphia, PA (1 June, 2017) – The Maxava iFoundation is once again delighted to announce a new funding pool to assist IBM i user groups around the world.

Maxava confirms total funding of US$50,000 to allow the foundation to offer grants of up to a maximum of US$2,000 (depending on number and merit of applications) for each qualifying organization.

Established in 2011 to help IBM i user groups in any part of the world, The Maxava iFoundation has made significant contributions to grow and strengthen the IBM i community. Each year, the program offers grants to qualifying not-for-profit organizations that are focused on promoting and developing the IBM i community by upskilling and recruiting more business professionals to work with the IBM i platform.

“The foundation has been supporting the IBM i Community for over 6 years now. Each year we are receiving more and more applications for funding. We are excited at the prospect of continuing to assist the not-for-profit groups and the contribution they make to the IBM i community is priceless,” says Allan Campbell, CEO of Maxava.

Christoph Cuscoleca from Schule Fuer EDV, Wien (School for IT, Vienna) says, “we are very thankful to have received the Maxava iFoundation grants for many years now. With it we have been able to host speakers including Malcolm Haines, who is a former IBM i Marketing Manager and Wolfgang Singer, who is a well-known ex-IBM staff in Austria.’’

‘‘We also arrange a yearly careers day, often with COMMON Austria, where we invite companies searching for new “i-co-workers” and students who are interested in new jobs. This keeps the “young blood” in the workplace and encourages companies to stay with their platform. Without the ongoing support from the Maxava iFoundation, all this would not be possible.” Continued Cuscoleca.

Wolfgang Singer at IT Live on stage

Maxava iFoundation grants can be used to support activities such as educational conferences and workshops, speaker expenses, marketing and educational collaboration with local colleges and universities, and other similar growth activities.

This year the Maxava iFoundation is also looking at new ways to foster closer relationships within the community and to provide a fun way to engage new members. The Maxava iFoundation Bowling Tournament – ‘i Community Strikes Back’ has been launched in the US and if embraced by the community similar events will be promoted worldwide in coming years. The ‘i Community Strikes Back’ tournament is open to all IBM i community members based in the US. The winners will win a trip to COMMON Fall 2017 with flight, accommodation and entrance fees paid for. Visit for more information.

Organizations interested in applying for funding should visit to view application criteria and download the application form. Submissions should be received by 15 July 2017.


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