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Maxava products deliver practical protection against the lost revenue, legal risk and brand damage triggered by unplanned downtime and business interruptions. The Maxava solution manages 360 degrees of data protection in three ways:


  1. It proactively monitors for critical problems across all IBM i systems before they can impact production

  2. It replicates data in real-time to any configuration on-premise or in the cloud and

  3. It guards against accidental deletion through human error, malicious or otherwise.


This flexible system can support multiple types of IBM i server configurations as well as migrations between environments: from premised-based systems to geographically separated hybrid clouds and fully hosted environments.



To mitigate business interruption, Maxava HA Suite replicates IBM i data and objects to on-premise and/or cloud backup systems with minimal backlogs, upkeep, and data loss. Lightning-fast replication and automated integrity tools ensure your data is accurate, up-to-date, and available to users in a disaster.

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To guard against human error, accidents and corruption, Maxava CPR automatically captures and vaults accidently- purged files to your storage of choice. CPR’s unique technology reduces data loss by restoring critical files back onto the IBM i– updated to the last transaction.


Monitor Mi8 is an intelligent cloud monitoring solution for your IBM Power Systems (IBM i, AIX and Linux) and Windows. Mi8 not only receives information from multiple systems in real-time, but can deliver critical alerts to anyone, at anytime, anywhere, on whatever device they prefer. Users even have the ability to send encrypted commands back through mobile devices without any special hardware required.

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Protect your mission-critical IBM i data from ever-increasing threats with Maxava Security. Our comprehensive solution adds an invaluable layer of defence, paired with the agility to recover vital information anytime needed.




Maxava products deliver the needs of today’s businesses by providing practical protection against the lost revenue, legal risk and brand damage triggered by unplanned downtime and business interruptions.


To be effective, Disaster Recovery environments must always be "role-swap ready" for a system outage or interruption. ​


maxAssured services, deliver ongoing remote monitoring and management of systems, providing the confidence and expertise to ensure customers are ready and equipped to deal with a disaster.


When customers need a turnkey solution for Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) we offer Maxava HostedDR – a unique combination of DR-specific hardware, software and services provided by certified Maxava OEM partners. This solution is perfect for clients who do not want to invest in refreshing or acquiring backup Hardware, Storage or Data Center costs. Special options allow for live migrations to new Power Systems without the risk and cost of activity interruption.


The CloudHA model is available to Maxava OEM partners who provide infrastructure for Production workloads bundled with Disaster Recovery as a Service. Maxava supplies all of the software (and services if necessary) to help certified partners onboard premise-based customers without the risk and cost of activity interruption. The solution helps partners manage replication and failover from source to target in any configuration from a central point via a single SLA.

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